Thursday, November 28, 2013

The First Thanksgiving and being loved

Today I am thinking about the first Thanksgiving ... no, not THAT first thanksgiving, but the first Thanksgiving I ever spent with my husband.

It was nine years ago on Thanksgiving day, and my family had left me home sick for Thanksgiving (in their defense I told them to go on without me).   I was getting ready for my big surgery in a couple weeks and so when I began having some weird symptoms I called my dr. who told me to go to the ER because they thought I was reacting to some antibiotics I was taking.  I didn't have a car and my family was over 3 hours away - so I called my neighbor (Joshua's parents) and asked if anyone could just drive me and drop me off at the ER.  My now Father in law and my Farmer Boy showed up and Joshua drove me to the ER - and he STAYED.

I was embarrassed that he stayed, and so so thankful.

I kept telling him that he was missing Thanksgiving, and should be at home with his family, and he kept saying that he was having fun just being with me and that he didn't want me to be alone.  He stayed with me for 8 hours.  His sweet family waited until 8 pm when he got home to eat Thanksgiving dinner.  I felt bad for making them all wait, I felt sad that he had missed the day playing games with his brothers, and I also felt loved beyond words.

It was on that Thanksgiving that I realized that He loved me, as more than a friend, as more than a neighbor - he loved me!  I wouldn't have admitted it then, but it was pretty obvious to everyone that this guy was being more than a good neighbor that day.

And I am so thankful!

We didn't start dating for almost another year, but ever since that day I have thought about him above all others on this earth.  I didn't realize it at that time, but I loved him too, and I've loved him every day since.

So, today, as we are away from family living in a new place, I am still thankful .... so so thankful that I get to spend this my favorite holiday with the man who loved me on that Thanksgiving so long ago.