Our Someday Babies

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We've always known that adoption would be part of our lives.  We see adoption as a beautiful picture of God's redemption of suffering.  We see adoption as a natural outflowing of the great love the Lord of the Universe lavished on us by adopting us as His.  The results of this fallen world took my dream of having babies naturally, but God has reminded me over and over that He can turn these tears into rejoicing - and I believe Him. 

(thanks to my nephew Adam, for lending me his sweet toes)

In January 2006 as I lay in bed recovering from the surgery that took away my dream of having children, I began praying for the babies I would adopt, as well as their birth parents.   When My Farmer and I were married in 2009 praying for our babies became part of our lives together.  I don't know when, but somewhere along the line I referred to them as: "Our Someday Babies" and it stuck.  We don't know what kind of adoption we will end up doing, or where we will adopt from, or what age exactly our child(ren) will be when we first meet .. but we love those children with every fiber of our being.  Adoption is such a journey and just like labor it's not easy (and I think it's good that it's not easy because the process is part of what makes us ready to be parents!)  Even in the questions, and the hard work God is good.  And when I say He is good I mean it - even if we never end up with children we can give our name to. (at times I have resorted to calling them our "Maybe Babies" because honestly at times I don't think it will ever happen .. and God is teaching me to trust Him and love Him even if it doesn't).  But for now we are knocking on doors and seeing what God has behind them ...

When I first started blogging I never thought I would write longer than one year - so I never anticipated writing about our adoption journey.  But now we are getting closer and closer to being with our Someday Babies - and it only seems natural to write about this part of our story too.   I am so excited to share this with you and maybe encourage you along your journey as we go down this challenging, thrilling, scary, joy-filled path of life.