My Farmer Boy

My Husband is mentioned in more than one of my blog entries.  He is incredibly supportive and I would never have started blogging without him!  We met about 15 years ago when his family moved just down the country road from my family.  Both families had small farms or large gardens and eventually after a major surgery I began working on his family farm to help improve my overall health.  "My Farmer Boy" and I loved to work together planting, harvesting and riding on the tractor together.  In 2009 we were married on the family farm on a bright summer day.  I walked down the grassy isle in bare feet and our lives have never been the same. 

Marriage to a man who loves God first and me second is a dream come true.  We love doing pretty much anything together: cooking dinner, shopping at local farmer's markets, working in our veggie garden, dreaming of our Someday Babies, or writing songs.  If you couldn't tell - I am madly, truely and forever in love with my strong Farmer Boy.  Even though we don't live on that country road anymore or work the family farm, I will always appreciate the way and the place where we fell in love.  I know that our adventure is just beginning and I am so excited to be his for the rest of my life and to see all that God has for us together.
isn't He the most handsome guy ever?