Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cuddles and diapers and cars and crackers and applesauce ...

I just realized that I haven't written in ... almost 7 months!?!?  What?  So, life with a baby has been a grand adventure and a lot of work, but honestly waaaay more fun than I could have imagined!  (seriously, I love it more than I knew I could love doing anything ever!).  I thought to ease back into blogging I would share a little of what we've been up to these last 7 months!

One of the biggest parts of our life has been MOVING - we moved not only to a different state, but across the ocean!  With a 6 month old!  We spent 2 months staying with family and then moved into our new house (renting from Joshua's wonderful Grandpa!) we love our huge backyard garden/farm where we now have chickens and 2 kittens!  Decorating a woodland nursery for Genesis has been a huge highlight for me.  I often go into the nursery just to relax and enjoy the fact that I have a nursery in my house!!!  Genesis loves to play and look at books in there too - not so much sleeping goes on there but that's ok. ;)  We're super excited to be closer to family and we loved spending time with cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles this summer!

Genesis is growing into such a fun and interactive baby!  We love him more every moment and are amazed by him constantly.  He crawls everywhere really fast, and he loves to sing and dance.  His favorite toys right now are car type toys (a wooden bunny with wheels his great grandma made) and balls.  He LOVES trees which he has loved all his life really!  He loves the kittens and going outside with his Papa and digging in the dirt (and eating it!).  His first word was either "Papa" or "kitty", and he says "mama" but only when he is crying or pooping (which he often does IN THE POTTY!)  We're still nursing which is such a gift and I love having this bond with him!  I wish I could have nursed without a nursing bottle, but I am so grateful that I have any of my own milk to give him! (maybe I'll write a post just about adoptive breastfeeding at some point because seriously it's crazy!).
I may go back to work soon, and I am treasuring every moment (and every blessed afternoon nap which I religiously take with him every day - lucky me!!!) with him just at home together.  It's bliss.  Except for the screaming, and peeing and stinky cloth diapers ... that's not so much bliss but everything else is, oh except the not sleeping well at night part - that is the hardest on me I think ... but everything else is bliss.  I am in love with being a stay at home mom and I will treasure this time we have had forever!

Well, I don't think I am expressing well what an incredible child he is ... so here are some pictures to let you see a bit into our everyday.  :)

Sleeping sweet baby at 3- 4 months

Tummy time with mama

Nursing 4 months

Goodbye Hawaii - 6 months!

Mama's teacher's aide in the high school 6 months!

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Pumpkin and Papa

Can you find the baby?  In our fall garden 

He loves books!

Well - there's a look at what we've been up to these past 7 months!  Not sure if it will be that long before I update again - but if it is you'll know it's because I have the cutest little buddy to hang out with these days!  We feel very grateful!