About Me

Hi everybody!  My name is Ali and I'm glad you stopped by!  My first love is the Lord Jesus Christ who sustains my life and gives me hope, my second love is my amazing husband (we were married in 2009). I'm a history teacher, which I love .. even though I want more than anything to be home raising babies!!!   My purpose in this blog is to practice and explore a new kind of happy - different than what the world thinks happiness is (health, wealth, success).  There is a beautiful mystery that is only possible because of Jesus, and that mystery is true joy in the midst of suffering, grief and pain (which every one of us experiences even if we don't admit it).  I want to practice every day how to live that mystery, and how to be the best wife, friend, daughter, sister, and someday mother that I can be. I want my life to continually point to the God I love and serve - He is my strength (and HE is really the One I want this blog to be about). I want to encourage others who might be living an experience with health issues or any kind of continual pain, and to help bring understanding to those who are watching someone go through pain (physical or not) on a daily basis. There IS hope - there IS a different kind of happy. 

*Please respect all content of this blog as property and copyrighted by Alicia Wenzek and do not copy and use without proper credit given.  I welcome you to share a link to my page if you want to share anything I have writen.  All photos are property of this blog and not to be copied or used without permission.  At times I have shared poems, quotes etc. and also try to give proper credit where due.

(for more see "why am I blogging???")