Friday, July 11, 2014


You never know what tomorrow will hold, 3 weeks ago our dream seemed over - and today we are again allowed to dream.  We have been hesitant as this dream was given back, and we are trying to protect our hearts more this time (but when it comes to babies it's really hard to protect my heart!).  We will know for sure in probably a month, but for now it feels good to have even a glimmer of hope that the dream we lost is being given back.

Only time will tell.

In this uncertain time, we know that trusting God with our dream and our future is the best thing we can do, and just trying to hold that dream with an open hand ....

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  1. Abraham was promised by God to become father of many nations, and then God asked him to kill the son through which he was a father. He willingly attempts to do so, and gets blessed. Sometimes God asks us to kill the dreams multiple times that obsess us only to give them back to us in another form or in a form even better at a later time. And Isaac does get to live. Blessings to you, Ali!