Friday, August 10, 2012

Lessons from a locked car

I locked myself out of the car the other day and spent several hours in a parking lot (I was borrowing my mama's car).  It was hot and I had already been tired after a long day.  I was ready for a shower and sleep.  But, when I found out that I was locked out I called for help from my brother - and he assured me he would come when he got off work.  Unfortunately, then my cell died and I didn't hear back and didn't know when he was coming.  It was a long and complicated story (we'll just not focus on the fact that the number for roadside assistance was on the window and I didn't see it!) involving running back and forth to a pay phone several times.  I literally sat on the curb by the car for HOURS.  I was in a busy parking lot - and I was shocked that as I sat there many people drove or walked past me yet NOT ONE person stopped to ask if I needed help.  I felt so alone and so helpless. 

Waiting is hard!  I think one reason it is especially hard is that often it's something that is out of our control.  For those of you who are doers like I am, you know how hard it is to know that there is nothing you can DO to make the waiting go faster.  It's just a lesson in trusting.  I had to trust that my brother would indeed come to my rescue (and he did!).   So much of life is like sitting waiting in a hot parking lot.  We may trick ourselves and others into thinking that we have everything under control.  But ultimately, we don't!  We need to be ok with waiting.  Joshua and I were talking about my experience in the parking lot, and he reminded me that a lot of my adult life I've been in a place of limbo.  And I don't like limbo!!!  I want to feel for once like I'm not dangling precariously over a ravine!  But, maybe this life on earth is full of waiting because God knows that in the times of uncertainty and questions we have to depend on Him for our security.  If I could really control what happens in my life maybe I wouldn't feel like I needed Him.  And oh how I need Him! 

The other thing that I couldn't get out of my mind as I sat on that curb was orphans.  I don't know if our Someday Babies are out there already waiting for us or not.  But I know that there are millions of children all over the world who need forever families.  They are waiting and maybe watching other children get picked, and like I noticed in the parking lot - so many times people close their eyes to those in need, driving by without stopping to help.  My heart breaks for children who are loosing hope today - watching people go about their lives without even acknowledging the need.   Sometimes I want to close my eyes because seeing children in need of the most basic things breaks my heart, and it hurts.  I don't know how God will use us to help orphans .. I hope He will let us be parents to some of them.  But I want to do more.  And I want the Church to do more.  We can't keep closing our eyes to the parts of life that are uncomfortable, or that might change our lives if we get involved. 

My brother was my hero that day in the parking lot.  He came as fast as he could and gave me the biggest hug.  At that moment it didn't even matter how long I had been waiting, or how desperate I felt.  Children are waiting for love.  May God make me one who stops to help.


  1. This was a beautiful post. I'm grateful that you have the insight and big-picture perspective to turn "run of the mill", crappy life situations into meaningful lessons learned -- which, in turn, inspire all of us...

  2. Well said Babe. Sorry I wasn't there to help, but glad you're making lemonade out of lemons:~)