Friday, September 21, 2012

Of Attachment and a Big God

I'm back in the adoption book reading frenzy again. :)  I'm just devouring books, blogs, articles about adoption.  The topic I am looking into most is how to help an adopted child form healthy attachments.  In a nutshell, when a baby (even a very young baby) learn to mistrust the adults that should be loving him/her that baby puts up a wall and it can be very difficult for that baby to learn to attach to adoptive parents.  With every week a child is trained to not trust his/her caregivers, the attachment problems can grow.  Every child is different, but it is clear that abuse and neglect, learning to love and then being abandoned affects the development of a child.

I told my Husband this week that every time I start digging deeper into adoption, preparing and praying, my heart breaks a little bit more.  The thought that our Someday Babies might even be out there already, and their little hearts will be hurt breaks my heart.  I love these children, and I feel desperate to find our babies and bring them home.  I don't want them to have one more moment of the pain of not belonging and not being loved by people who will be in their lives forever.  I am sure I will feel this way until we bring them home - and then the real work will begin, teaching real lasting love to a child who very possibly will not know what that means. 

This would be impossibly hard, if I didn't trust that God is bigger.  He is big enough to heal and we are praying already that God would protect and heal the broken hearts of our babies.  That God would prepare us to be exactly the parents these children need.  That God will lead us to them quickly.  That He will provide so that they don't have to wait longer once we find them.  Many times I wonder how anyone could live without God - and this is one of those times.  This is such a difficult part of opening our hearts to adoption.  I don't want to think about the pain our babies are or will face before we get to them - but I believe that God is the redeemer, and He can do far more than we ask or imagine.  We would appreciate you joining us in praying for our Someday Babies and God's miraculous protection over their precious little hearts.

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  1. Alicia, I love so much reading your blog. Thank you for continuing to be open and honest...keep writting!