Monday, May 2, 2011

Faith Fixes Everything ... Right??

Yesterday we almost missed out on church.  Since Joshua had been sick and he was looking toward chemistry final exam today he needed to sleep in.  So we literally slept through the first and second service.  Then we spent the day in the garden and playing singing hymns with the piano and guitar ... and viola.  It was so much fun.  Sort of last minute we ended up going to the evening service partly because we had to drop something off at church.  Pastor Jonathan was starting a new series.  EXCELLENT.  This sermon was so very good and so very important when living a life in chronic pain.  And this sermon reminded me of so much of what I want to encourage myself and others on this blog.   I KNOW that I have faith.  I believe that God could take away my pain right now.  But, I do not buy into the prosperity gospel that God gives health and wealth to ALL those who have faith.  I choose to live in the reality that life is hard and full of pain - but with God there is hope.  Not hope that God will do whatever I want.  But that God will do what is best and that even pain can be used to bring glory to Him.  I am choosing (and it is a moment by moment thing) to live the life that God gave me and to live with joy based on he relationship that I have with God and the hope of heaven and the belief that there is so much more than this earth.  There is so much more than a broken and hurting body.  Faith doesn't mean that I get what I want when I want it - faith means that I trust in God even when life hurts and makes me want to doubt everything.  Faith isn't holding onto God when everything is going smooth - it's jumping off a cliff knowing that God is holding me even when I can't see His hands.

PLEASE go to Pastor Jonathan's blog and go down o the bottom of the blog and click on download to listen to the sermon.  Then come back here and tell me what you thought about it!

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