Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've visited a lot of hospitals in my day.  And though the years I have been learning a lot about the right way to deal with sometimes unbearable pain.  I think one thing that I have learned is to choose calmness over chaos.  When either yourself or someone you love is in physical pain in that moment you have the choice to make: will you allow the fears and emotions of pain take over, or will you choose to be calm and put your (or your loved one's) health and pain in God's hands.

I've seen lots of both sides of this example in my time sitting in hospital waiting rooms:  the hysterical teenage girl with very real pain - which is probably made worse by sobbing, the drug seeking person who needs to make their pain look very real to get what they want,  the calm and pale woman waiting patiently although in odvious pain ...  Now I am NOT in any way saying that if someone is hysterical they are faking it at all - but that as much as I can I want to avoid letting my emotions during pain get the better of me.  I have noticed that when you try as hard as you can to remain calm while seeking medical care it pays off.  Nurses have much more patience with you, and things go smoother, usually you end up being cared for faster and feel better sooner.  I'm also not saying that you should be fake and pretend you are not in pain - especially if you are seeking medical care.  You should be honest, but calm.

How can you choose calm rather than chaos?  Trust in God.  When you think that everything is spinning out of control you panic.  But when you see that God is with you and that He can even use your pain for His glory and your own good it brings calmness and joy.

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