Thursday, January 5, 2012


Last night I had a nightmare.  It was the kind of dream that is so frightening that you wake up in a cold sweat.  I reached for my Husband but he wasn't there!  Apparently he had a rough night too and was up reading on the couch.  I jumped out of bed and rushed into the living room and almost knocked him off the couch trying to get as close to him as I possibly could.  He put those strong arms around me and I immediately felt better. 

The two of us have felt lately like we are living in a nightmare of sorts in one area of our lives.  It's been the most trying thing we have dealt with in our young marriage and brought us to our knees, brought me in particular to tears, and brought us many sleepless nights.  Sometimes we find ourselves just wishing that we would wake up from this bad dream.  I would imagine that just like everyone has suffering in life, everyone goes through times in the valley or times that a situation in life feels like a nightmare they can't wake up from. 

My mind just keeps going back to the amazing comfort I found in the arms of my Husband last night when I woke from my nightmare.  I instantly felt safe and I also realized as he held me that the thing that was so incredibly scary to me in the middle of the dream - was actually kind of silly as I looked back at it.  The comfort He gave me was incredible and complete.  As followers of the Creator of the Universe - we have the most comforting Arms to run to when we experience the inevitable nightmares of life.  God is never busy (and unlike my sweet Husband who wasn't in bed when I had my dream last night - He is RIGHT there when we reach for Him every single time).  God's comfort is complete, and as we rest in the ultimate safety of His arms even the most horrible nightmares loose some of their sting.   Just like last night I was totally freaked out until I was in Joshua's arms - nothing can truly comfort us in the nightmares of life other than the Arms of our Savior.   There is no adequate substitute for that comfort. 

Today was a big day for Joshua and I as we faced a very important part of our living nightmare.  We prayed with every breath today.  As we went about our day which was full of errands and being busy, NOTHING could comfort us except prayer.  I think it's not an exaggeration that without the Arms of Jesus to run to today, we would be a huge mess tonight.  And yet we're not.  I think we'll sleep in peace tonight knowing that we made it, and forever wrapped in the loving and comforting Arms of our God. 


  1. Oh Ali, we'll be praying for you both. There are some days when we wish we'd never been born. And then God brings us close and we are so glad he cared enough to make us, and especially, to make us his own. Thinking of you, whatever is the terror of the day or night. Scripture says the terror cannot touch you - and also shows how Job survived the fiercest abandonment and hurts. Life is a mystery, and not always a walk in sunshine. May God bless you, and keep you and Joshua safe.

  2. thank you so much for your prayers! I am so thankful to have a God who carries us when we don't have the strength to walk anymore. He is good and even in the midst of this valley in our lives we find joy in His presence and we're also so thankful that He gave us each other to walk with every step of the way.

  3. Ali, I hope that prayer will get you through whatever is invading your dreams. You are a strong woman and with yours and your husband's faith you can get through anything.

    My prayers to you both.