Sunday, January 15, 2012

Peace like Falling Snow

When I woke up this morning and looked out the window I was transformed to a child on Christmas morning: it was SNOWING!  We live in the perfect place to exhibit the beauties of freshly fallen snow - our living room looks out on a valley with a creek and lots of trees in our own personal forest!  I have found myself all morning sitting by the window trying to take in the beauty of each branch laden with perfectly white fluffy snow.  I LOVE it!

It's been a very busy week with Joshua back to school and gone a lot of the time between work and school, and a lot of extra demands on us and our extended family with sudden illness of one family member (who is doing much better now).  Waking up to snow was just a lovely little pause in our busy life to sit back and rejoice in the beauty of creation.  I love how snow makes everything feels so silent and peaceful, and God knew we needed that today.  I've been tempted to be bummed out that we can't go to a family birthday party that was planned for today - but instead I want to just focus on the pretty view from my window and the peacefulness that is given to us today. 

I pray that whatever you are doing today you can find time to embrace peace like falling snow.

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