Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snowed In!

Wow!  We were actually snowed in for 8 days!  It was beautiful watching the snow - and even though I was extra busy with working from home and my health wouldn't let me do much playing in the snow (cold weather is hard on me) I couldn't resist making one snow angel.

It was so nice having my sweet Farmer Boy home and unable to go to school or work for a whole week!  Have I said how much I love Him?  (p.s. I made both of our hats!)

Of course He took the time to complete (as far as we are going to) the remodel on the little kitchen we put in when we moved here - AND the bathroom!  (when we moved the ceiling was open - He put sheetrock and this week He finished mudding and painting and installing the finishing touches on lighting (I jumped in and did a bit of painting too).  NO ONE can say that my Husband is lazy!

I hope it you were snowed in you had half the fun we did!

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