Sunday, April 8, 2012

Of Easter cookies and the best news ever ...

"He lives, He lives Christ Jesus lives today!"

It's 12:47 am and this song is running through my head -I should be sleeping but too excited about all the festivities today - I just love Easter and spending the day with lots of church and little nephews is perfect.   All day yesterday I spent getting ready for the holiday - making the cutest little bunny, carrot and flower shaped cookies (complete with frosting), babysitting two of my favorite kiddos (complete with a pre-Easter egg hunt in the front yard), helping Grammie pick out the perfect shoes and purse for early church service (complete with painting nails), prepping Easter food (complete with cinnamon rolls which are still warm), and cleaning up the house.  In all the hustle and bustle I kept thinking about Jesus.  I just can't get over (and hope I never do) the fact that He the Creator of the Universe died for my sins and in three days He rose from the dead defeating death for all who trust in Him.   I kept thinking about what my life would be without everything that Easter commemorates.  If death was the end of life, if there was no hope of a better place, if I didn't know my Grandma and Grandpa, Grampy etc. were in the very presence of God right now.  I am beyond grateful.  I feel like I wouldn't have anything to write about if Jesus hadn't raised from the dead.  The whole purpose of my writing is the live and encourage others to live in the everlasting hope and joy that is only possible because we have a LIVING God who walks with us and gives us a future of pure bliss after this life on earth is done. 

I love Easter - and yes the Easter cookies are so much fun to make and give to little chubby hands, I love singing surrounded by family and friends, I love to get dressed in my best to honor the One who we celebrate but most of all I love the very best news this earth has ever heard:  HE IS RISEN!!!

He is Risen indeed.

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