Friday, April 6, 2012

What Good Friday Reminds me

I went to bed with a bad attitude last night - and woke up annoyed because of something I have no control over. I was disgusted with my attitude, when all of the sudden it hit me that this is Good Friday. The day we remember what Jesus went through when He died on the cross for the sins of the whole world. For my sins. Even my ugly attitude. wow. So as I sit here contemplating the pain He went through, the utter humiliation and shame of bearing the weight of the sins of every one of us, I am overwhelmed by His love.

I'm overwhelmed because I know my sin. Through my life I've done some rotten things. Things like lying, talking about others when I am mad at them rather than going to them, hating the body God gave me at times, dishonoring authority, hurting others with unkind words and so so much more. I know the guilt that I feel over my sin, and I hate the thought that my Savior choose to take that guilt on Himself even though He was perfect.

I'm overwhelmed.

I'm ashamed that I still sin when I know what He has done to free me from the bondage of sin. I long to honor Him and honor His excruciating (that word actually comes from the cross because they needed a word to describe that pain that was far beyond any other word for pain) death for my sins. I want my life to flow with worship for this beautiful Savior. I know that not one of us is perfect or ever will be on this side of Heaven .. but we are still called over and over in the New Testament to strive in the power of God for perfection. We are called to BE holy. A choice we have to make every moment, even if the moment before we have fallen into sin badly. His cross deserves our devotion, and my soul longs for more of Him in my every moment.

So Happy Good Friday friends. Let this day be a solemn reminder to live in the freedom that Christ Jesus purchased for us with His death on the cross.

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