Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Eye of the Storm

In so many ways the last few weeks have felt like a hurricane - a lot has been going on around us, none of which we have any control over.  There have been countless unknowns in our life and in the lives of those around us lately - and in many ways we have felt like we are living in limbo - just not sure what would happen next, and sad and worried about people we love very much.   A lot of the routine of our lives has been turned upside down over the past month which has made it hard to think about the future or even the next day. 

I know that many newly married people find themselves in similar situations: low on cash, one or both going through school, unsteady jobs ... I know that this is somewhat normal.  But it can be hard to not just wish you were out of this season of life at times.  And for us wanting children and a home of our own when we feel light years behind our peers makes it seem extra trying at times.

But in the middle of all this topsy turvy world, there have been moments that have felt like we were in the eye of the storm.  Moments that were so peaceful and wonderful that we almost forgot everything else.  Moments we will remember forever.  Here are some of my favorite peaceful moments over the past month:

1. Hiking to the foothills just me and my Farmer Boy (I hiked 6 miles which I have never done in my life - maybe more about that in a different post)  We walked for 4 hours, holding hands, singing songs, coming up with baby names (we now have 6 that we just love so not sure what we'll do about that!) ... it was heavenly ... well most of it (except the bit where I fell through the ice onto some rocks ... but even that was kinda funny).

2.  Sitting outside in the sunny morning eating breakfast on a patio table He built for us and watching him reading in his hammock.

3.  Dinner with friends on the same patio table - with candles hung and wonderful conversation.

4.  Cuddling my one year old nephew to sleep.

5. Watching my Husband play with two squealing adorable children

6. Visiting my wonderful college friend and her family - watching her girls play outside.

7.  An overnight vacation in Canada just the two of us - 24 hour trip that was so much fun! 

8. Walking through a fragrant azalea and lilac pathway at a beautiful Botanical Garden

9. Babysitting 4 kids ages 1,2,3 and 4 outside on a sunny day in a yard I used to love to play in when I was their ages.

10.  Singing hymns with my sweet Grammie.

God is good - and even in the unsure times in life if we open our eyes we can see and enjoy the moments He gives us.

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  1. You always find joy even in the darkest times! I wish for nothing but the best for your Farmer Boy and you!