Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Final, Final

I really thought we might not make it.  After all, we have a lot of heavy responsibility that has grown into more and more responsibility as this year has gone on - and we're still what I would consider newly weds (coming up to 3 years this July!), not to mention starting adoption paperwork this year ... so when we began this 2nd year of school I really had questions about if we would make it through.  We moved to this area with my sweet Farmer Boy having 3 years of university to get his teaching degree.  Year two was hard.  Around Christmas we were hit head on with some very difficult decisions.  Honestly our gut was to run away from everything in our lives that had become very hard.  But by the grace of God we stayed and began the second semester of the second year.  My Husband was taking classes like Micro biology and bio statistics.  Sometimes I would look over his shoulder as he studied and I would be shocked at the crazy foreign language he was studying!  He would sometimes try and explain to me what assignments he was doing and I felt like he was speaking in tongues!  Through it all he remained so disciplined.  Most nights he would study til at least midnight.  And his hard work paid off.  Several times he had teachers tell him he should be a scientist because he was grasping the information better than most students.  I felt like I would burst with pride and joy. 

It's been hard.  Unbelievably hard - and those of you who know us know some of the details of the situation we have found ourselves in.  We have had people tell us to just give up - being in school is hard enough without the work and responsibilities we have chosen.  But we held on to Jesus.  We have had to remind ourselves often through the past 8 months that this world is not about us - and in sacrificing what we want for what is best there are great rewards.  The relationships we have been given, the learning, the constantly working hard to put our selfishness to death have all been worth it.

So as I type this my sweet Farmer Boy is completing his final final exam of year 2!!!!!!  Granted he will be taking a few summer classes but in only 1 year we will be done with school!!!  We are gonna make it - we've past the middle year and we're on the other side.  Our dream of adopting is getting closer, and I couldn't be more excited.  The difficult times in life are not times we should run from.  Some of the most precious blessings come through times of giving up what our selfish nature wants and being open to what God wants for and through us.

We are so happy to be reaping the deep blessings of staying where we are even when all we wanted to do a few months ago was run.  I wouldn't give up what we have learned and the joy we have been given for anything.

And tonight. Tonight we party!!!

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  1. Thank you for helping me get through it. Couldn't have done it without you!