Monday, October 27, 2014

To Our Almost Babies ...

It was five years ago, right after we were married that the first call came: and our first adoption loss.  Since then, we have had international, local, infants, older kids ... each unique and exciting for a moment when we wondered or even believed were going to be joining our family.  Even as we believe these children are where they should be, part of our heart will love each of them always,  Here is what I will likely never get the chance to say to our Almost Babies ....

Sweet Precious Baby,

Oh how grateful I am that I have known of you.  Even though we may never meet, I am overwhelmed with prayers for you.  I pray that every day you will know you are loved and valued so incredibly.  I pray you will always feel your purpose in this life, and live every moment to the fullest. May you forever live in the knowledge and be strengthened knowing that you are a beautiful person, made by the most loving Creator. I want you to never feel pain, but I know that you will in this world.  So, I pray that when you fall down, you will have a hand to help you up.  I pray that when you cry you will have a shoulder.  I pray that when you are sick, you will have someone to hold you and take good care of you, and make you feel better.  I pray that for every hurtful word you hear, you will hear a million uplifting words.  I pray you will believe the amazing truth about you, and will not believe any lies about you.  I pray that when you are confused or frustrated you have a compassionate listening ear.  I pray you will have friends who will stand with you.  I pray that you will know real and lasting love in your life.  I pray that you will make this world a better place every day. I pray that you will know the One who made you, and live your life rejoicing that no matter what, He loves you and is with you always. Oh sweet baby, you were never mine, but I am just the most blessed to have held you in my heart for a little time. What a privilege to pray for you. For all that I selfishly wanted to give you, I know that the best gift is just the prayers - because who couldn't use more of those?  Oh baby, I only ever wanted what is best for YOU.  And I believe you are where you should be, with the ones you should be with.  So, I am just sending my love and thoughts across the void of the world to you.  I'm choosing to leave you where I put you the moment I knew of you: in the most powerful, loving Hands that I have ever known.  Be blessed sweet baby.


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