Monday, June 7, 2010

Job 2

I don't ever want to be like Job's wife. All through the suffering that Job endured his wife was there - but not as an encouragment at all. Over and over she tells Job to "curse God and die". She sees the suffering that her husband is enduring and she has no hope. The only escape that she sees from his agony is for him to turn his back on God and die. We don't know exactly what went on between her and Job - or all of the details of her experience. We do know that she lost children and home and her husband was very ill. She had every eathly reason to despair and she did. I don't think that her attitude is too far off from what ou culture tells people to do in the midst of suffering. In fact, I think her attitude is right on with what our government and culture feels is right. DIE. Life that is full of suffering is not worth living. Life that has finished it's poductivity is not worth living. I am sure that Job's illness (he had boils - horribly painful sores covering his whole body) was a huge burden on her. She probably had to care for him, clean his oozing wounds. YUCK! But rather than look past the horrible suffering her husband (and herself) was enduring she gave up and begged Job to do the same.

There is a movie which I hate. "Million Dollar Baby" is the story of a young girl who raises out of poverty and becomes a famous boxer. But during her last fight her neck is broken and she is paralized from the neck down. While lying in a hospital bed she beggs her good friend and coach to help her kill herself. She tells him that she was born to fight and since she cannot box anymore her life is worthless. What a contrary view from the Word of God! God is in the business of redeeming - taking something ruined and turning it into something good.

Let's not be like Job's wife! Let's see past our pain and suffering and know with all of our heart that God can use us as broken vessels and give joy even in the pain.

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