Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Perfect Nap

ALL I wanted to do from the moment I woke up this morning was to take a nap.  
It was a rainy day perfect for being cozy on the couch and after a more than busy week I was tired.  Actually, I'm tired most of the time, but I manage pretty well to get things done and I work fast as well as pacing myself to make my time efficient and keep my body from having too much more pain.  It's a balance that those of us with chronic pain need to learn.  We can't always change what is going on with our health, but what we can do is learn to live well with whatever circumstances we face.   Back to my day:  I got right in and started working on chores that needed doing, errands to run etc.  What got me through was many little prayers all through my day, and also the thought that a good nap was waiting for me in the afternoon.  However, nap time came and went with no nap - finally after 5 I was able to lay down for a few moments but that as well was interrupted.  My best plans to get everything done early so that I could take a nice long nap had back-fired leaving me even more tired.   I realized again that even my most well laid plans might fall through - so if my entire motivation for getting through the day was in that plan (and my wonderful nap!) I would be a mess right now.  But since I had made a conscious decision to depend on God and asked Him this morning for strength for this day, even though I was disappointed (and had a few moments of panic) when my nap disappeared - I was able to go on.  So many times God gives strength that I don't have in myself and it is such a blessing!   I know that with the body I have it is important to plan for times of rest (and this is part of good stewardship of my body and time) - but I also know that even when those plans fall through I'll make it with the strength God only can give.

I'm still hoping for an amazing nap tomorrow! :)

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  1. You keep blessing me with your good attitude and fine writing. Praying for you!