Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy late Valentine's Day everyone!

Sometimes we just need to let go of expectations - and Valentine's Day is full of them.  Because of everything going on in our lives I wasn't able to go out and get a cool plant for my sweet Husband yesterday - and although I planned to make a delicious dinner it ended up being done late and rushed - but I just had to go with what was possible and make the most of it.  I could have done a lot more but by late afternoon I realized that my body needed a nap and I knew I wouldn't be much fun if I didn't take care of myself.  My Joshua was amazing and wrote me a wonderful poem that made me cry - maybe partially because I had planned to write a poem for him but I had to settle for little notes in his lunch and on his computer and around the house.  He also got me a bunch of bedding plants that are so pretty and I love them.   Even though I was disappointed that I couldn't do more to show my love to this sweet Man of mine, it helped me remember that we can't be too tied to the expectations of those around us or circumstances.  I don't need Valentine's Day to remember to find creative ways to show my love to my Husband and those around me - even though it is a fun holiday. 

Well, I think that I'm rambling but maybe you get the point.  Sometimes we have to just get through and not let the burdens get us down.  It's so important when dealing with chronic pain or being a mother or work load ... to take the opportunities we can to show love in fun ways and seize the moment!

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