Tuesday, June 26, 2012

EXCITED about Allergies???

So a few months ago I had an allergy test taken.  Here is what I learned that was so incredibly helpful for me:

There are 2 types of "allergies" the IgE allergies which are TRUE allergies - these are things that can cause serious life thretening and sudden reactions like anaphlactic reactions.  Then there are IGg "allergies" which are actually not true allergies at all - they are food sensitivities which are more transient than true allergies.  The reactions IgG sensitivities cause can take longer to show up - a few days, and they can be a wide range of symptoms.  They can even cause inflamation that doesn't seem to have immediate symptoms but that can make your body have a heavy load of inflamation over the years. 

All these years I though that if I ate a food I was "allergic" to and didn't have a reaction that I could tell was a reaction than it wasn't a big deal if I ate that food.  When my doctor sat down and explained how even the inflamation I have that might be caused by auto-immune disease (which they have now confirmed by blood tests I do have some type of issue with my immune system) can be made worse by eating the foods I have sensitivities to - it was a lightbulb moment for me.  I did have three true allergies (which are not too hard to avoid considering one is shellfish which I hate anyway) but I had some other IGg sensitivities too.  So I began avoiding my allergies and sensitivitives religiously.  And I have noticed a BIG difference in how I feel - in particular in my fatigue and achiness and joint pain. 

I was perfect on my allergies for about 2 months before I let myself think that the change in how I was feeling was because of avoiding them.  I have "cheated" a few times lately - and I definately feel it when I do!   I'm not saying that following a strict allergy diet will take away every problem with my health, but I am just so thankful that I have one very good tool to help manage everything and feel a LOT better!   It feels so freeing to know that I can control some of my symptoms somewhat through what I eat.  This couldn't have come at a better time as my work and home responsibilities are a lot right now.  I thank God for leading me to a doctor who was willing to take the time to explain in detail how things like different allergies can affect the inflamation level in my body.

So, if you have had allergies tested and don't feel like eating the foods on your list makes you feel a lot worse - remember that it may be that eating your food sensitivities is building up in your system and causing things or making them worse that you think are just a "normal" part of your life!  Take the test seriously and see what happens!

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