Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Living for Jesus

The style of this hymn shows how unpopular it is in current circles - I literally couldn't find a more modern version on UTube.  When I was little my parents used to introduce us kids to a new hymn every week.  I chose this one as my life hymn.  I think it was because my name means "truthful one" so the fact that this hymn says: "a life that is true" felt like it was made for me.  I remember dusting the living room in our little house when I was about 12 and singing this hymn and feeling so close to Jesus. 

Somehow with adulthood it is harder to hold onto that childlike simple faith.  Things get busy, responsibilities weigh so heavily sometimes I feel like I will break under to weight, the pain of those around me weighs me down ... But i want that childlike simple faith.

Recently my sweet Farmer Boy played this hymn for me on his guitar and it reminded me of that childhood feeling of deep faith and simple trust in my Lord and Savior.  And I realized that it isn't just a child that can have that kind of faith.  The important thing is to let go and trust.  A child doesn't have as many things to let go of - so maybe faith and simple trust comes easier.  As an adult I have to decide to let go of my concerns and worries and trust that the most important thing I can do with my time is to live for Jesus a life that is true.   I'm learning that if I don't put that as my top priority I don't have the strength and peace to get through the rest of the messy adult stuff.  

My greatest treasure the light of His smile.  That's the focus I need every day.

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