Friday, June 1, 2012

The HIKE! (a photo journey)

A couple posts ago I mentioned the great hike my Sweetness and I went on - that was a little piece of heaven in the midst of a chaotic and upside down month.  I wanted to share some photos so you can see for yourself what a wonderful day it was!
A distant view of our destination: The ice caves at the base of the Big Four.

He was so happy to go on a hike - made me determined to keep up!

Getting closer to the ice caves and having fun just being alone with my best friend along the way.  We spent time singing: "Lucky to be Loved by My Best friend, lucky to have been where we have been, lucky to be coming home again ..."  It was SO much fun!

Too beautiful for words.

Thankful for a dum dum in the bottom of Joshua's backback after hiking for 2 hours I needed some sugar!  At this point we were higher up the hills and the cool of snow was refreshing.

Made it!  (although the actual ice ceaves we burried under the snow).  It was amazing and breathtaking. 
Closest I'd ever been to a mountian (other than in a car driving through). 


My Rock on top of another rock.  Love my outdoorsy Farmer Boy!

One moment I was snapping above pic - and the next I was in a hole.  Narrowly missed the undersnow creek to my left and landed on a bunch of rocks.  I know I'm nuts but all I kept thinking was that I had fallen into some kind of undergound bear cave ... hence the look on my face.

After this my Husband picked me up out of the hole and I literally ran down the hill for fear of the bears in my imagination.

If you take a map to: "the middle of nowhere"  this is where you would end up.  And it's pretty amazing as long as you're with the Love of your life.

The path.

Well, that was our amazing hike!  We hiked for 4 hours and covered six miles!  Pretty good for a little non-hiker wimpy type right?  Watch out I'm getting tougher by the second!

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