Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Choice

I fully intended for Saturday to be a day when we could just rest ... I have not been feeling good since this move - and am just tired in every way. But my husband had other plans ... he said he had planned for us to go somewhere secret. I didn't have the guts to say that I just wanted to lay around watching movies and making take a bath ... there was a split second when I had the chance to choose to either have a bad attitude about his plans or to go along and see what happened. I choose to go ahead with his plan even though I had no idea what it was.

The moment we walked hand in hand into the garden I knew I had made a good choice. It was a beautiful magical rose garden and the fragrance of 5,000 enveloped us as we began walking around the garden. We spent hours there - smelling every single rose and just enjoying the glory of God displayed in His creativity in making so many beautiful flowers! The day was sunny and perfect! As we lay on the soft green grass my husband softly sang to me the verse from our wedding song which we had written together, "In a garden warm and bright, roses bloomed defying placement, down he knelt beside her there, the one made just for him. A promise made this day - for now and for forever: I am a yours, and my love, you are mine" .. my heart melted. How could I be loved so fully? And to think that I almost missed out of this opportunity to be with my husband in this exquisite place because I was tired! Even as we walked to the garden I had to make the choice to do it gladly as the path was very steep and my chest and legs were burning with pain ... I thought to myself: "I will not even mention the pain, because I don't want anything to take away from this moment that my husband put so much thought into." And God gave me grace and the pain eased away once we were in the garden.

One friend mentioned the steroetypes of laziness and wimpiness ... and I think those are far too often the truth about those of us with chronic pain. But we have a daily and often momently choice to make to put aside our feelings and make others happy - and in so doing we often reap the benefit of a day so beautiful that words cannot express!

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  1. What a lovely day he planned for you! Aren't you glad you went? Sometimes other people know just what we need...I'm glad you listened to him.