Monday, July 12, 2010

A note from me

Phew! I intended to go more in depth with manipulation and ways that we can all work to not become manipulative or can recover from sinking in .. BUT today has been a day of weeks! So i just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here and what's up ...

My husband and I recently moved into a basement of my Grandmother (she lives upstairs) so I am doing some help at home for her and my husband is getting ready for school in the fall. Let me tell you, this moving and remodeling the basement has been quite something on my pain because I have been out of a lot of my ruiteins, don't have a bath, don't have as much time with unpacking and everything. Honestly, I haven't been coping with it well at all ... just burning myself out. But I think that getting back into blogging is actually a way to help me cope and to remind me to keep on top of my attitude even during times of transition and craziness.

so tonight i am going to finally sit down and rest and eat some pizza with my sweet husband and watch house hunters international! I hope you are all doing well tonight and if there is anything that I can ever pray for any of you please feel free to let me know!

p.s. thanks Lucy for reminding me to share about my own life and struggle!

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