Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stereotypes to Avoid

Probably anyone you ask to give a definition of someone in chronic physical pain would point out some very unflattering descriptions. In fact, I often have a bad attitude toward people who are in chronic pain - and I am one of them! For the next few weeks I want to look specifically at some of these descriptions that people give, and look at ways that we as the ones under scrutiny can change the perseption of our condition.

Stereotypes are a mental picture that comes into your mind when you think of someone .... there are stereotypes for all sorts of people: homeschoolers (i have heard them all as I was homeschooled!), people from certain states or countries, eldest children, newlyweds, pastors, construction workers, wamart workers, gap workers, lawers, accountants, musicians, artists, teenages, elderly, 2 year olds ... some stereotypes are good and some are bad.

To help with my study the next few weeks, I need some ideas of stereotypes of someone in chronic pain that you may have - even if you have chronic pain you may have something to offer - and those who don't maybe you will have some good stereotypes to share. These could be good or negative, for to begin with I will be looking at ways to conbat the negative - Be honest! Feel free to ask friends and family as well!


  1. I am married to a chronic pain sufferer, and am related to another. I often think "selfish" and "manipulative".

  2. thanks for your comment - I think those are 2 very sad stereotypes that unfortuanetly are true in way too many cases -- tomorrow I will look at one of those and discus ways to combat them