Thursday, August 19, 2010

anti-inflamation cook book

Today my whole body hurts. The last few days I have been working more than full time caring for my sweetes Grammie who broke her wrist. It has been my pleasure to do this - but it is a lot of work - not to mention cooking and keeping house of my own! So now my body is screaming at me to stop - however that isn't really an option right now in my life. I am wondering if I am eating something I shouldn't. A few years back my naturopath gave me a book called: The anti-inflamatory Diet Cookbook. It brought back a lot of memories of my Grandma (who has since passed away)
She used to always say: "My naturopath told me to not eat tomatoes and potatoes .. and I never got sick again!" She wasn't kidding. There was a point in time when she was told that the doctors could do nothing to help her. She had yearly pnumonia attacks and had horrible arthritis in all her joints. According to the anti-inflamatory diet any plants in the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, mangos) cause inflamation in the body. So for anyone who suffers from inflamatory disorders (auto-immune, arthritis, lupus etc.) those things can make it much worse. If I so much as eat a spoonful of salsa I feel as if all the bones in my hands are broken, my whole body hurts. You wouldn't think that something so "healthy" could cause such pain and physical issues! It is so important to do all that we can to fight against the pain that consumes and to do all that we can to live well with what we have been given. Eating healthy and staying away from substances that make our pain worse is one very important part of that.
Now to figure out what I did to make my body hurt like this ... could be that I had something with "hidden" tomato paste or peppers ...

If you suffer from any type of inflamatory disorder or suspect that you do check out the book: The Anti-inflamation Diet Cookbook. It is well worth it!

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