Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We Need God!

I everyone - I'm back! Last week I was down with severe inflamation causing fluid inside my hip join - put my flat on my tummy for a whole week until finally got steroids injected and fluid taken out to test to see what caused it. I was unable to get on the computer for more than a few moments because the pain and meds made me severly nauseated and was also drealing with a flair of my pericarditis so having dizziness from low oxygen. Phew!

At times like this - the timing couldn't have been much worse - I have to get take some time to sit back and regroup. The house is a mess. Finances are a mess. Company coming - next week family vacation. I'm doing wedding flowers this Saturday (which is also my birthday!) ... ah just so much that feels like a weight on me. I need desperately to take time and just allow God to refil my tank. I'm running on empty. People everywhere - with or without chronic pain or illness need God. Life can get going so fast or so hard that it feels like it takes the wind right out of you. We need God. We need the Bible to recharge us. We need to be honest with God in prayer. We need music. We need peace. Turning to others or to ourselves in times like this will just end up being void. WE NEED GOD and God alone can get us refilled. Sure - people can help and encourage, but ultimately we need God.

I know I just said WE NEED GOD about 10 times - because it is so true for where I am right now (and always) and where I am sure you are too. Take time - no matter if it is at 3 am, to spend some time reconnecting and being refreshed by God's presence.

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