Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take a sec

MY husband has taught me an important healthy living tip. And I don't even think he knew he was treaching me (teaching by example is really the best way!) Every morning - or almost every morning, or during odd moments thoughout the day I can see his laying in his stripped colorful hammock which is handing outside our door. If it's chilly he is wrapped from head to toe in a quilt. Often he has his Bible in his hand and is reading. Sometimes his eyes are closed and I know he is praying, sometimes he has a snack in his hand, sometimes he is just gazing at the beauty of the forest behind our home. He loves that hammock.

Yesterday we were busy painting the kitchen cabinets. I was stressed out wanting to get it done as fast as possible (which I think is an issue that I get worse from having chronic pain because when I am working I don't want to stop because then I have time to feel the pain). He went out and sat in the hammock and called to me to come sit down a take a break. I didn't want to - in fact I didn't really do it except for a second and then I ran back to work. But I should have rested. And I think the concept of taking breaks for pure relaxation is very important for everyone - and for those of us with pain it can actually help with our dealing with pain.

Taking time to swing in a hammock is a very good pain managment technique - and also can help with keeping healthy is every way - relaxing can help lower blood pressure ... there are so many health issues that are attributed to stress so it makes sence that de-stressing would help a lot!

so - get out there and find yourself a place to relax - a santuary where you can go to meet with God and pray, or read, or sleep, or just enjoy nature!

Where is your spot? I would love to hear!

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