Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let my words by pleasing


They are so easily said and so hard to retract. We teach babies to talk as soon as possible - right now I have several neices and nephews who are learning to talk and explain things and communicate. I love that state of baby-hood and childhood. I love the cute accents, and words that only mama can understand. We want to communicate with others - it's part of being human. God cmmunicates with us - in the book of John it say that "the WORD became flesh and dwelt amoung us." meaning Jesus. I think one reason that John calls Him the WORD is because when Jesus came it was God's best way of communicating His love to a lost world. Sending His Son to die for the sins of every human ... a very powerful expression of His love for us even when we didn't and don't deserve it on our own. People always say that "actions speak louder than words" and it is so true! The way we say something and the things we do for others show (or don't show) our love for them in powerful ways.

I've been reminded about how simple little words said in haste can be very powerful lately. When my husband looks at me and says: "You are so beautiful" - it melts away years of not feeling beautiful. And when words are said that discourage or make fun of someone it can do great damage as well. It's so true that some people without chronic pain do not understand what it is like day to day ... and in their frustration can say hurtful words about those of us who are living a different life. Those with kids can say hurtful words to those of us who would give everything to have a baby. BUT - those of us living in pain can also say things that are hurtful to those who are not in our shoes. We can make them feel guilty for being healthy - or for having kids. Every human is capable of either using their words to encourage and bring others closer to worship of God or to discourage others and make them believe that God is cruel as well.

Here are some things I am trying to put into practice in my own life:

1. Turn first to God for my encouragment and joy. People will disappoint and turning to God never will let me down.

2. When others say kind and encouraging words tell them! Just being told that you can encouraged someone can be a huge help to creating more kindness in the world.

3. When others say hurtful things - give it to God. Many time others don't even know that the things they say are hurtful. But God sees the tears you don't cry. Ask Him to keep me from being bitter toward this person. If needed confront the person privately and tell them that what they said was hurtful. Be honest in love.

I'm just learning like all of you ... if you have ideas write a comment! Let's grow together to be more like Jesus in showing love with our words.

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  1. "Death and life are in the power of the tongue. . ." --- Proverbs 18:21