Thursday, February 17, 2011


It hasn't been an easy few days for my silly body. Been spending a lot of time just breathing through the pain and trying to keep up on running the household for my sweet husband and working on wedding floral work. Thankfully I have been able to do some resting, but it's been hard to even sleep with the pain I'm in. Joshua had a horrible day on Tuesday - horrible day at school and work, and just feeling very discouraged at this place in life that we are in. We both have turned to God in our rough week, and just knowing that He does know what is best and that He is faithful even in the pain and disappointments of life. We just got a reminder of God's faithfulness in a very tangible way.

Today, my Grammie got the mail and dropped it at the top of the stairs for us. I went up and picked it up while switching a load of laundry into the dryer. I openned a couple things - some regular bills and then a larger pill from a heart test I had done. My heart sank: how are we going to pay this bill, I thought. Then I openned a package that was sent to us which had a smiley face and our own address for both the mailing address and return address. Hmmm I thought. When I openned it a pile of gift cards fell out: Olive Garden, Home Depot, Kohls, and Visa gift cards all adding up to $400!!!! My heart is still in my throat. When Joshua got home from school just now I showed it to him and we sat and prayed together thanking God for this provision. He said that we need to get our car worked on and a spair tire and now maybe we can do that since we have a little breathing room. AND we can go out to dinner (which is kind of rare for us)!! We are just overflowing with gratitude!

Several weeks ago we were hurt by annonimity. And we are still hating the feelings of questioning people in our lives, and not knowing who to trust because of this situation. We just want our friends to be honest when coming to us with advise or critique on our lives. Today, we were greatly blessed by an annonomous friend or friends - and going through the people we know questioning who it could be! It is such a different feeling from so much of what we have felt lately. Joshua and I were saying how stange it is to receive painful things and wonderful things annonomously. How different it feels to be questioning in todays case. I guess it's a good reminder to us to always be as honest as we can with those we love, to confront people in person (which is so hard) but to not look for thanks when being generous.

We are just so grateful - SO SO SO grateful to whoever did this act of thankless kindness. We are also so amazed (as always) at how God provides for us in amazing ways in our time of need. Without even speaking of our need He provides. I do wish we had a way to thank whoever(s) did this - to tell them how much it meant and how perfect the timing is for our need. But I understand and appreciate the humility of not looking for thanks. If YOU are reading this today - please know how thankful we are and we pray God blesses you greatly for your generosity!

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