Saturday, February 12, 2011

You're All I Want

On Superbowl Sunday something far more exciting than the big game happened. A man was born. A precious little Italian-looking baby boy with beautiful eyes and a head full of black hair as soft as a baby chick's feathers. He's not even 9 pounds and not 2 feet long - but someday this little baby boy will become a full grown man. The moment I saw him I loved him. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love babies.

During the birth of this little nephew, my husband and I were in church with baby Adam's big brother Benny who we were babysitting while his parents were otherwise occupied. The worship team lead us in singing the song: "Draw Me Close To You". As I sang I glanced over at my husband whose arms were holding Benny up so that he could see the "GU-tars" ... the words: "You are my desire no one else will do - You're All I want." My heart pounded in my head to the music - "YOU'RE ALL I WANT" ... No matter how much I want to see my husband holding our little child someday - "YOU'RE ALL I WANT." ... No Matter how much I want to be well and not in pain ... "YOU'RE ALL I'VE EVER NEEDED."... No Matter what: "HELP ME KNOW YOU ARE NEAR."

My husband and I are looking into adoption. We pray that God will bless us someday with a baby. We believe He will. We are so thankful for the moments until then where we get to enjoy the babies of those around us - our many nieces and nephews and friend's kids. I'm aware tonight of others out there who are longing for a child of your own. Being unable to have a baby is a suffering all it's own ... and my heart goes out to you who are walking through this right now as my husband and I are. But just as I claim that God is here to bring a different kind of happy in the pain of illness - the same God is here to bring joy in the midst of the pain of wanting a baby you can't have. He really is "ALL I'VE EVER NEEDED".


  1. King + Knight = Kingdom come.

    And.. you two will make great parents!

  2. So beautifully said, Ali! ♥