Monday, February 28, 2011


I am loving getting to know my smallest neice since my sister and her three girlies are visiting. In my family of 7 kids she is the only one blessed with girls - everyone else has boys! So, it is fun to play with the girls - dress up and make believe. Her youngest is only 10 months old and a doll baby for sure. When I picked her up for the first time this visit (I had met her last summer) I was surprized at how relaxed she was - she just threw her legs to the side and her arms way back and leaned against my chest. She is the most relaxed baby I have ever met! I love holding her because she just is a cuddle bug and so much fun to give kisses and hugs to! She is a picture to me of how we should be with Jesus - totally trusting and relaxed in His safe and strong arms. This little girl doesn't know the bad things in life yet (and I pray that God protects her from so much) - but I pray that even with whatever suffering will come her way (we all will face some sort of sadness or pain in life) that she will always be able to rest and relax in the arms of the Lord.

And I pray that all of us will learn to relax like this sweet baby girl in the powerful and gentle arms of God.

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