Monday, March 7, 2011

bad bad procrastinator!

I overdid it today big time. It's been a very weird two weeks with a sudden road trip on Saturday, and lots of family time with family visiting. We have been trying to fit as much as possible into this two week space as we had family visiting etc and with Joshua being off school this coming week so we had a full weekend to work on the yard etc. Today was our last big day to get things done before Joshua's spring break was over. We wanted the yard and house to be in tip top shape after this break. I had this big plan to get the large deck cleaned because it's pretty mossy.  So we got some "no scrub" deck cleaner --- which ended up with both myself and my husband on our hands and knees in the soapy mossy yuck scrubbing as hard as we could to get the moss off the deck. I also cleaned the house and did laundry and organized a few outdoor areas while my amazing husband make a BIG garden for us to grow veggies this year. It was a very full day. I am glad that we got so much done!

But, as I sit here struggling to breath and just in a lot of pain, I am reminded that I HAD almost 2 weeks to get most of these things done. I don't know where the time went (but I seem to remember making a LOT of caramal corn and playing "wedding" dress up with my little neices and also rocking many babies to sleep)! But I certianly procrastinated on the cleaning I had wanted to do. With being in pain all the time and with some times being worse than others, an important thing to remember is to NOT procrastinate! Doing too much can be pretty bad for me, and I am reminded of that tonight. I think sometimes I get tired of people thinking that I am OCD or something just because I am always trying to keep things clean and organized (which is definately NOT easy in a basement!), but I think one thing that people may not understand is that if I let it get out of control I have to do a lot more work and that is much harder on my body than keeping things clean in the first place! I'm slightly frustrated with myself tonight - because I knew all along that these things needed to be done - but I have another busy day ahead tomorrow finishing cleaning and yard work.

The happy part of this story is that as we were scrubbing with all our might on that deck and I had muddy moss water dripping down my legs into my shoes - Joshua looked over at me and said: "I LOVE working with you. And I agree. It's just better for me to do it in small doses. :)


  1. I also can very upset over unorganized messes in my house. Like you, I can't do too much in one day or I suffer the next day or two. But recently I have been thinking...I should embrace this mess, that means I have my family here. My wonderful hubby who can't THROW anything away, my oldest son who can't PUT anything away, and my younger who can't FIND anything. Someday my house will be clean all the time, and I will miss tripping over shoesa and all the mess that comes with my loving men!

  2. i like the way you think! However, with it being just me and my husband here, I have only myself to blame for most of the mess .. or it's just typical cleaning issues like dishes and laundry which never end. I'm looking so forword to when we have kids and a kid mess around here!