Thursday, March 17, 2011

You Never Know

Yesterday I found out that a close friend may have cancer. I was shocked and still am to hear this news and I want to be the best friend I can to her during this time, but I don't often know how to do that.

My heart is hurting for my friend today. I know she is scarred. I know she doesn't want to think or talk about this diagnosis right now. I know she wakes up with that sinking feeling that her life is going to change - even if this diagnosis ends up to be false.

She said something to me yesterday that stood out to me - she was responding to what she was doing to get through and she said that she was: "Breathing deep." I think this is an important lesson for any of you that are faced with hard diagnosis - or with a hard un-diagnosed condition. It is an important lesson for all of us as we go day to day and sometimes the pressures and stresses of life can knock you off your feet. The ups and downs of seeing doctors and finding things out or not finding anything out ... the sickness or pain that comes when you least expect it ... the pain of situations with people that are hurtful .. the suffering of financial stress ... all of these can make it hard to breath sometimes. There is often nothing we can do about our health or the situatuation we are facing in life. When those moments come we need to remember to do as my friend is doing and just breath deep. God has us in His hand and He knows what is best. We can cry out to Him at any time - and we can be honest with Him always. He hears our every prayer always.

So whatever you may be facing in your health or your life remember to just keep breathing deep and while you are breathing breath a prayer of honesty to the God who hears.

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  1. Good advice in your last sentence, Ali!!!