Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blessing Others

Thanks to all of you who took time to pray for me and my sweet Husband during my time sick in the hospital with pancreatitis.  I've been home now for a week and am finally beginning to feel like my old self again.  We won't know for awhile if the surgery fixed the bile duct problem, but at least it's over and I can go on with day to day life.

This past week we enjoyed wonderful fellowship with my family my six siblings and I all gathered at my parents and camped in the yard, spent hours around a camp fire, played with nieces and nephews and just enjoyed each other.  One of the most memorable moments was when my sweet parents set up a beautiful table complete with lighted lanterns and twinkle lights, and cooked a gourmet dinner and then surprised all of us by serving us and allowing all of us siblings and our spouses take time to just be together (our youngest brother also served with them).  All eight children were in the house and somehow during cooking and serving my parents managed to keep the kiddos happy and give all the parents a needed break.  The hard work they put into planning this and then blessing us kids was amazing and beautiful.  I want to be like my parents.  I want to take time to bless others by serving them in practical and surprising ways.

Take some time to think of the people who are dear to you, and think of creative ways you can bless and encourage them today.  I would love to hear your stories of times you were blessed or times when you were able to bless others.


  1. That sounds like so much fun--probably just what you needed after your hospital stay! It's amazing how small and simple gestures can really bless people sometimes. Recently I packed my mama lunch and left her a little note and she got so excited that she showed it to all of her coworkers, and I heard all about how happy it made her. Sometimes it's a huge blessing for someone just to know that they have a place in someone else's heart. Thanks Alicia!


  2. I am so glad to hear you are home and recovering nicely. What a wonderful time you must have had with your family surrounded with love and laughter. Keep feeling good!

  3. I love your passion for The Lord Jesus Christ. My life is all about Him too. I have had health challenges and have dealt with health challenges with those I love and I relate to many of your thoughts. I am also into alternative health and seeking to eat in line with The Word of God to not only improve my health but to help other believers and most importantly glorify Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies and welcome to my blog Martha Ray! It's always fun to meet new friends with similar passion for Jesus!