Friday, August 5, 2011

Doing Something you Love

I think one of the very best tools for helping manage pain is to find something you LOVE and are able to do and doing it!  There is nothing quite as depressing as having no meaning in life - and I think that is one of the main reasons why people with chronic health issues often struggle with depression.  Often jobs are lost, relationships fail and the person with health issues may feel like there is no purpose in life.  I have often said how important it is to find something to do and to feel purpose - for some it may be in writing encouraging notes to others, for some it may be in writing a book, for some it may be holding premies at the local hospital, for some it may be in giving a call to others who are house-bound ... there are many ways to feel useful even without a traditional "job".  Some of you might find great pleasure (as I do) in growing a little garden, or in taking gentle walks, or cooking dinner for your hard-working husband. 

Some of you might not know that one of my favorite things to do is play with flowers.  I have always loved flowers, and enjoyed making little bouquets as a child.  When I met my handsome Farmer Boy I began to work at his parent's farm and that including helping his mom with wedding flowers.  I loved learning from her how to make corsages and bridal bouquets.   However, it was hard for me to keep up with the fast-paced life on the farm, and my health prevented me from continuing the year after we got married.   I cried for hours over how much I missed working with wedding flowers.  When we moved to Seattle area I felt like my passion for wedding flowers was really over.  Then a friend and a cousin asked me to provide wedding flowers for them (I had done lots of weddings on my own over the years while working at the farm) and I agreed.  Shortly after I completed these weddings my mother-in-law suggested that I begin my own floral business in my new location.  2011 began with me starting my official wedding flower business (which is really more of a hobby that I can do at my own pace taking as many or as few weddings a year as I want to).  By the end of this month I will have completed 5 weddings in this spring and summer!  I love working with wedding flowers and I love being my own boss because I can work at my own pace - do 90% of the work from home, and my sweet Husband helps me with delivery and anything else that I need.  It feels so good to help provide some money to go toward our adoption fund, or to help my Husband through school.  Just looking at flowers makes me happy and I am sure it lowers my pain level greatly!  With all that said; I have a big wedding to get working on today!  If you know anyone getting married in the Washington area let me know!  Here are some pictures of my work as well as my website!
photo by Andrez Valenzuela

photo by Constance Starks

photo by Kaci Bisconer

photo by Patrick Wilson

photo by Kevin Wren


  1. Beautiful,,,,just beautiful!

  2. Thanks Mo! I love working with flowers - it's so relaxing and wonderful!