Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Moments of Joy

My sweet Husband and I have been made very aware over the past month that no situation in life is certain.  Jobs, finances, where we live, starting a family, health situations ... all of these things can change in the blink of an eye.  We don't have control over most things in life and that can leave us feeling afraid and alone, wondering what tomorrow will bring.  During times when life feels turned upside down, how can we get through?  How can we live this MOMENT when we have no certainty of the next one.  Here are some of the ways I have gotten through the uncertain days we have had lately:

* Watering the garden - last night I felt just too tired to do anything, emotionally spent and physically exhausted.  But I knew the hydrangea in the front yard had been wilting during the heat of the day - so I forced myself to get up and go water the yard.  The smell of rain filled my senses as I saturated the dry ground with water.  The sound of water hitting the leaves, the sight of glistening water droplets in the evening sun, the feeling of the cool mist from the hose ... it was a beautiful moment full of joy. 

* Baking - yesterday my Husband and I picked wild huckleberries from the forest in our back yard - then I made huckleberry muffins (well ok I took a boxed blueberry muffin mix and switched the blueberries for the fresh huckleberries - this is a good way to bake if you don't really have the motivation to do the whole process!).  Both my Husband and my sweetest Grammie LOVED them, and it always brings me so much joy to bake something yummy for the people that I love so much.

* Music - going to the early morning church service (even though we were dragging our feet because we were so tired) was a huge blessing this week.  The discipline of joining with others to sing praises to our Great God EVEN when we feel sad or alone is always a blessing if we let it be.  The songs stirred something inside my soul and reminded me that God is bigger than anything. 

*  Focus on others. I was blessed to be asked to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of a dear friend. The wedding took place last Saturday.  I was also honored to be asked to provide the bridal bouquet and flowers for the wedding party and family.  Going to be part of this great occasion was a time that reminded me that in focusing on others - watching the beautiful bride and handsome groom interact, seeing two families joined together for life ... it was such a joy to witness!  Even though I was still grieving over things that have been going on in our life, I was so filled with joy to be able to leave all that behind and focus on the bride and groom.   Self-centeredness is poison, so looking outside ourselves and focusing on others can bring great healing and joy to a weary soul.

* Enjoying "little" things: watching Jeopardy with Grammie, a midnight grilled cheese with my sweet husband (gourmet grilled cheese I might add!), joking around with my youngest brother,  shopping at Costco with two of my sisters, playing "P l aaaa..no" with my nephew, a sweet nap on our cozy couch.  There are so many opportunities to find joy every day NO MATTER WHAT if we just take the time to open our eyes.

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  1. Ali, I love how you can find joy in everything, it is a blessing fr sure.

    Those muffins sound wonderful!