Friday, August 26, 2011


Today I have wanted to get so much done with cleaning the house and stuff - but I woke up not feeling well.  It was unexpected (I know you may be asking why feeling lousy would be unexpected - but I think I see myself as feeling better than I do a lot of the time so when it gets in the way it is unexpected) and I could have just given up on everything today.  BUT, I have been learning that even when I feel cruddy I can get some things done if I just pace myself.  Yes, there are days when I can't do much at all - but it is always exciting to me when despite pain or feeling yucky I am able to get something done.  I had to take lots of breaks and I didn't get everything done that I wanted - BUT I did get a lot of cleaning done and even the laundry.  I realize that the laundry won't get folded tonight - and I am ok with that.   Even the best laid plans can be ruined by the unexpected.

Life (physical pain or not )  has a way of throwing unexpected things our way.  Every moment we each have the choice to make to either allow the unexpected "bad" things destroy us - or to make the most of even the things we would never choose.  And then of course there is the beauty of the unexpected as well.  I did not expect to be married to my Farmer Boy - and what a joy he is to me!   So pain or pleasure allow the unexpected to make you a better person today. 


  1. Sorry you felt crappy today...but you seem to have gotten alot done. Take it eady...don't forget you just had surgery. Let those insides heal up.

  2. Thanks Mo! It is always hard to get back into "normal" life after surgery or other hospital stays. :)