Friday, November 4, 2011

Is Life Worth Living? Carol's Story!

Carol is a beautiful person whom I met through the blog!  Her story is inspiring as she has been through something very difficult that has changed her life.  But she still says life if worth living and that takes courage and a strong spirit.  Here is her story:

"Hello everybody. I am a 54 year old living in Wales in the United Kingdom. Until a year ago I was a vibrant fun loving woman who hadnt a care in the world. Then Bang...A brain heamorrhage turned my life upside down.This last year has been a nightmare for me and those around me. I am scared to go out of my front door, scared to be alone in my home and scared to go out alone. But with the help of those around me I am getting better slowly. My whole perception of the world around me has changed. I look at everything differently now. People, places, flowers, trees all have a meaning to me unlike before.Everything is "special".Everybody is special. I no longer take anything for granted. It all has a meaning whether its a little dog running past my house or a little child crying. Its all a big deal for me now. So to all those who are thinking that life isnt worth living...believe me it is. You never know whats around the corner. Love to you all. Carol.XXX "

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