Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tell YOUR Story!

I was totally shocked.  I know that some people have different views of illness and life and death etc. but to come face to face with such a very different mentality about suffering, productively, and life made me feel like the wind was knocked out of me.  I spend a lot of talk communicating with people in various walks of life, many dealing with health issues, many not.  This person I came into contact with has shown over and over that they are either afraid of or very judgemental of ill health.  By literally mocking those who are sick, and saying things about how those with ill health have no reason to be alive - (because they can't be productive), how this person doesn't want those with health problems in their family .. it goes on and on.  

 I don't know what has influenced this worldview - maybe their parents were harsh toward people who were sick, or maybe they fear being sick so much that they have created this mindset. Maybe they have seen people who are disabled taking advantage of it and using the situation in selfish ways ... And in fairness - this person is not very involved in knowing that I even have daily health struggles.   But the whole situation got me thinking. 

I don't buy into this worldview for a moment.  I do know that suffering can make you feel useless at times, and may make you question your place in this world.  (believe me I have gone through those stages) But, I know too many stories of people who faced serious and debilitating health issues yet were amazing productive forces in the world.  I also know myself that I wouldn't give up my life for anything - pain and all.  I don't think my life is a waste at all and I have a lot of joy even amidst the pain.  But what I want from you is YOUR STORY.  I want to know what you feel about this issue and why you feel your life is worth living even in the middle of whatever suffering you endure.  You can email your stories at and your story might just be published here on my blog! 

Let's encourage each other and change the mindset that ill health makes life unworthy!

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