Monday, November 14, 2011

Not just a body

“Life depends on the physical body, but the physical body is not what life is all about” (Unknown)

I've been reminded so much lately that life is so much more than this body of ours.  When friends find out they have cancer, dear friends and family get closer to the end of a long life, diagnosis change, young people are snatched from life during a car accident ... there is just so much to remind me that these bodies we all have are not what makes us who we are.   The beauty of the human soul shines forth even on the death bed.  We all have the choice every day if we will let whatever is happening to our physical body determine our attitude, or not.  What is happening to our body is often not in our control.  But we can choose what our true LIFE is going to be.  We can choose to have joy in our lives even in sadness, we can choose to trust God with all that we are, we can choose to love those around us.  Life is SO much more ... so live today a full life no matter what.

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  1. So true. We are not just our physical body. There is so much more to who we are. We can choose to trust God, enjoy life and love others. It's very hard to do at times. I'm so grateful we have a God who deeply cares about us, one we can trust and find hope in and thankful to those who encourage us to look to Him. I'm also grateful for the reminder to value and enjoy the blessings we do have and to love others. Thanks for the encouragement not just with words but by how you live. Laurie H.