Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Count your blessings!

How about some GOOD NEWS?

Today I went to one of my assorted doctors and was given the great joy of never having to come back!  Since over a year I had been having bouts of horrible abdominal pain - last summer it was diagnosed as bile duct problems - I had surgery in August to fix the problem and ended up with pancreatitis (which by the way isn't much fun at all except maybe seeing your tummy expand to look about 6 months pregnant).  After I recovered from that (which is actually a pretty common side effect of having the surgery to fix the bile duct) I still had some bouts of the same type of pain.  After talking with the doctor I found out that one of my medications could be making the pain worse - maybe even aggravating my pancreas more.  So I went through the process of going off this medication (which actually went much smoother than I thought).  Imagine my complete joy when I realized a few weeks after going off the medication that I was feeling MUCH better!  I didn't have to worry about what I ate or if it would make me have that horrible pain again, and as long as I eat healthy I don't have to worry about it acting up again!  Today the doctor told me that he is glad it has resolved and I don't have to come back and see him ever again unless something comes up in the future - which he doesn't think will happen and either do I!

I wanted to share this because I know that many of you are going through painful times physically or emotionally ... and I think it is so important to share the times of blessing and not only the lessons we learn through the times of pain.  I know that there may be hard days - everyone has them at some point.  I will likely always deal with some health challenges and some pain - but I am just glad that this is one issue that is gone - and one business card that I can take out of my wallet!


  1. Hooray! That is very good news! It is so precious to have a God who walks with us always-- sharing the sorrows and the joys! I was thinking about you earlier this week when I found a little baggie of quinoa. I stared at it thinking, Now where did this come from? Ahh I remember. And as I read your good news just now I am enjoying a yummy yummy lunch that you made possible by sharing those tasty little grains. Today you have blessed me twofold!

  2. thanks Gabriela! You are so sweet! and I am glad you found the quinoa and were able to use it! God is good and you never fail to sweeten my day whenever you comment.