Thursday, March 29, 2012


I'm hungry.  Two days into my new eating program (after my allergies were tested and my Dr. put me on a restrictive diet because the way my body processes certain foods) and I'm starving.  The diet really isn't that horrible but the fact that our house wasn't set up with the foods I can eat made it tricky.  I have the sweetest Husband in the world who stopped on his way home from school to get some rice, sunflower and soy milks and a variety of nuts and veggies so tomorrow when I have more time to organize myself I will hopefully make some fun things to eat that will actually fill me up.   I did however make some quite yummy pancakes without gluten, dairy or egg whites so that was my accomplishment of the day.  But I was still hungry all day.

The physical hunger has been a perfect picture of how I have been feeling in the depths of my being every moment for the past several months.  I am so hungry for any piece of wisdom and information about adoption.  I feel like I just can't get enough from books, and other's stories, and adoption agencies, adoption blogs .. I want more and more and more.   Thank God He led us to others who have gone before in this adoption journey and the wisdom these generous friends have been so gracious to share with us has been a life line.  (so THANK YOU - you know who you are).   I know that we are still at least a good year away from applying to adopt (I think they generally want you be in a home rather than a basement and with a "real" job)- and after that it can be quite a wait too; but I am just so thankful to have this time to prepare and learn all I can.  I don't want to waste the gift (I don't always feel like it is a gift but am trying to look at it that way) of this season of our lives.  After all, God doesn't waste anything  and we're supposed to be aiming to follow in our Father's footsteps right? 

So, tomorrow I'll try and find some new recipes and learn to fill my tummy with good food that will help my body be as healthy as possible.  And I'll keep reading, and making copies, and contacting people and learning all I can to help us find our Someday Babies.

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