Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm goin' hippie people!

Those who have known me my whole life know that my health nut phases were just that: PHASES.  Encouraged by some Naturopath, or my Mama, or a book I would dive in with both feet trying to take my health into my hands by eating healthy, taking supplements etc.  I never really saw a huge benefit - except for feeling better avoiding the inflammatory food groups, and eating more natural foods. 

In the beginning of the year I had some genetic testing done - and it came back positive for a mutation that affects how my body detoxes, and creates healthy new cells, and activates vitamins which in turn affect all kinds of things.  Today we met with my doctor and went over test results of my food allergies among other things, and it just became so clear how everything in my body is related: genetics play a role, and food sensitivities, and toxins, and auto-immune, and infections ... the human body is more complicated than a simple test and a pill you take to make you feel better.  Everything is connected and it's crazy to see the cause and effect of things that I have experienced for years.  Knowing now what my body needs to function with this genetic mutation and my body's tendency to have a high level of inflammation feels like power to me.  I can't fix some of the things going on with my body - but I can do a lot of things that will help my body function even better now that I know what my body needs on a cellular level. 

I feel encouraged.  Even though I can't have dairy or yeast or bananas or peanuts or shellfish or... (thankfully I can still have corn, soy, rice etc.)  I feel like knowledge about how the body works can help me manage everything better.  No one can cause their own body to never get sick or 100% protect against various diseases, but I am excited that I can help my body by eating what I should and avoiding what will cause inflammation etc. to be worse.  It's also reminded me to get back to the basics and eat more home grown (good thing we planted a garden this week!), local, unprocessed things.  This isn't a magic cure - but it is better management of my own body and better stewardship of what God has given to me. 

What excites me most is that I have the goal of becoming even more healthy for our Someday Babies, and for them I would gladly give up ice cream.

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  1. Hooray! Wow Alicia this is such wonderful news! You are going to be one of the best mamas in the world, ever. I'm certain of it.