Monday, March 26, 2012

Last Super

I'm feeling like today is the last day I can eat, but I am spending so much time trying to decide what to eat that I totally forgot about lunch!

 Let me explain: tomorrow I get test results from a food allergy test.  When I was little I had asthma pretty bad, and my Mama took me to a naturopath who did an allergy test.  The results: I was allergic to potatoes and eggs.  For dinner that night we were supposed to have potatoes and scrambled eggs.  As a child my all time favorite food was potatoes, so you can imagine how traumatizing it was for me to not be able to eat them now!  Actually, I was incredibly disciplined (now where did that discipline go when I need it?) and since avoiding potatoes and eggs did miraculous things for my asthma I keep with it.  When I was in my early 20s I took another test and found out that my allergies had changed (this happens as our bodies change and forget what they were fighting against in specific foods sometimes). 

Various doctors over the years have tried a wide range of diets for me - from gluten free, to vegan.  The one I have noticed has made the greatest difference has been the anti-inflammation diet in which you avoid foods that tend to cause inflammation in the body (nightshade veggies, some citrus, pork etc.) this food-elimination has helped my joint pain so much that I never feel like going back (other than the occasional potato chip or fry).  I love having some control over how I feel! 

Well, back to the allergy test.  Because of a genetic mutation that was found in my blood earlier this year - my dr. wants to redo the allergy test (because with this mutation have more food sensitivities), and so tomorrow I find out what I should avoid.  I know that there are people who don't put much stock in food allergies (except maybe the REALLY bad ones) - but I know from experience that what we put into our bodies does affect how we feel, and I want to do all I can to be as healthy as I can!  

For the past month as I have waited for the test results I have felt like I should eat whatever I can now because I just KNOW that I will be allergic to corn, or wheat or heaven forbid: dairy!   So, now I am stuck with the very hard decision of what to make for dinner tonight!  Pizza?  Tacos? 

 Oh the choices!   ... well, time for a late lunch.

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