Monday, September 20, 2010

Faith Healing

Today I received a sweet card and book in the mail from a friend. The letter talked about how God has healed her of some health issues that were plauging her life. Ever since I first became quite sick (although I was never a healthy child)at age 16 and then even worse at age 18 - I have been in a continual study of how Christians handle illness in general. The vast difference between beliefs about healing, God's will, why people get sick, how to handle illness, when to use or not use doctors ... It has been an interesting study - but not always easy. Like the time when I was making copies in my college library (a Bible College mind you) ... a guy that I didn't even know well walked up and said something like: "So you are the girl who is sick - I am sure that you are possesed by a demon and that is what is making you sick."! Wow. I don't think that I even responded to him. But it did get me thinking: what makes a believer in God sick? Is it a lack of faith if I don't get well - is it a reflection on some sin in my life? Is it testing?

So - I wanted to get your feedback on illness in a believer's life? What about healing? It's a facinating subject and one that I would like to look into a little more again with the help of my blog friends! If you want to email me privately my email is


  1. A believer in God has the same body as a non believer in God. The difference is, the believer has hope in something greater. Of course God has the ability to heal and who knows why he doesn't always heal. I recently heard someone say something interesting about death. He said, "people get so upset about young people dying and they get so mad at God and ask, WHY? The truth is, it is going to happen anyway whether it is today or 30 years down the road.Yes, it is rare for a young person to die but it will happen to them regardelss of when" I had never thought of it that way. Anyway, I sort of see healing that way too. We don't understand WHY he doesn't heal some people who have faith I HAVE seen people get released from demons (never want to see that again) but we it is so damaging and inaccurate to someone to tell them they are possessed because they are sick. I believe we are sick because we live in a sick world. Disease and sickness is part of the curse and the reason we can't wait to be in Jesus' arms and finally be whole.

  2. excellent thoughts and I agree - God does heal and trusting Him is always best!