Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Curry - YUM!

We were gone all weekend in Portland at a friend's wedding which was lovely. We did all the decor and flowers for the event (did you know I was a wedding florist before moving? I have been contemplating getting back into it). It was a very packed and busy weekend. It was wonderful to be with friends. It was also very tiring. After getting stuck in the holiday traffic on the way home we finally pulled into the driveway. I thought i might just toss some corndogs or something in the toaster over for my husband. I didn't want to cook. Then he said the words that most women wish their husbands would say: "Let's have something healthy". At first I was not very happy because I honestly just wanted to skip eating all together and flop down in front of the TV and do NOTHING. But instead I told him to go take a shower (to buy myself some time and figure out what to do). Then I pulled out some veggies which were longing to be eaten: carrots, broccoli, kale, onions, and garlic. I tossed them all into a big pan (after cutting them up) and started cooking. Then I tossed in a can of coconut milk, a leftover carton of chicken broth. Hmmm - it was starting to look interesting. I topped it off with a couple tablespoons of curry paste, salt and pepper and a few leaves of fresh thai Basil - and yipppee! A delicious yummy curry! I searched it over rice.

But the curry story gets better and better! Tonight - 3 days later. I am tired again and don't want to cook. So I added an extra can of coconut milk, a bunch of lentils and more water. A soup!

Just thought i would share - this was too easy and so so yummy! You could put whatever veggies you have into the curry - you could add some chicken meat - the options are endless. It is great frozen and can be pulled out whenever you need a quick meal!

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