Sunday, December 5, 2010


Smaller than a bag of flour, only 6 pounds 3 ounces my 9th nephew entered the world this morning. This precious little life has joined our family and we are so blessed. I have 13 (almost 14) nieces and nephews (one more still in his momma's tummy)- 8 (9) of which have come into the world through my siblings the other 6 from my husband's siblings. Babies come into this world so small and so dependant on their parents. Little Luke is unable to feed himself, speak or understand what different words mean, he is helpless to even roll over, sit up or even hold his tiny head up for himself. We have ALL entered the world in this state. And someone had to take care of us down to every single detail: clipping our fingernails so we didn't scratch ourselves, putting clothes on us so we didn't get cold, changing our diapers ... and many other details involved in caring for a helpless baby. I love the sight of a newborn baby peacefully sleeping in his daddy's arms. I am unspeakable proud of my brother for joining the role of daddy to little Luke. I know that he will be a wonderful, compassionate, fun, and godly father to this little boy. I know that he will take little Luke into his arms and comfort him when he cried or scrapes a knee. I am thankful to God that this little boy has a loving daddy and mommy who see him as a gift from God and are excited to raise him and be good parents to him. Not every baby has these blessings.

As I think about my new little nephew and the comfort and safety that he aleady feels being held by his loving parents, I cannot help but think of the comfort and security that every one of us is offered by God - the Creator of the Universe. He welcomes every one of us to be adopted as His children, His arms are open wide to hold and comfort each of us as we go through this life. Whatever burden or pain you may be suffering today, God knows and He loves you and wants to comfort you just like a good daddy does. Even if you haven't had a father on earth whose arms you could run into for safety: you have the opportunity to have that kind of relationship with God - our Heavenly Father. It's ok to need comfort and security and someone that you can trust as much as a child trusts a loving parent- we all need that. I think one reason that God made humans to enter the world helpless and dependant on parents, was so that when we get older we could understand the kind of relationship He wants to have with each of us - a relationship of us depending on Him and running to Him to fulfil our deepest needs. We can't do this thing called life alone.

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